Modern Seating
Dining Chairs, Lounge Chairs, Stacking Chairs, Sofas, Futons and more.
Modern Classics
Browse our collection of classic modern furniture, where style and form meet function and affordability.
Modern Lighting
Cutting Edge modern lighting is just a light switch away. Floor lamps, Ceiling fixtures, Accent lighting and more.
Modern Bedding
Browse our designer modern bedding or create your own, using Inmod Design Studio.
Modern Tables & Desks
Style, function and solid construction are at the core of our collection of modern tables.
Modern Pillows
Choose from a variety of stylish and colorful pillows or Design Your Own Pillow.
Sputnik Lamps, Chandeliers & Sconces
Retrofit your home with a stylish sputnik or design your own.
Modern Rugs
Browse from hundreds of chic modern rugs for virtually any living space.
Children's Furniture
Browse our growing collection of children's furniture which includes chairs, tables, desks, and more.
Modern Wall Art & Decor
Every wall is a blank canvas. Start here and the possibilities are endless.

Design Your Own Pillow
Design Your Own Pillows
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Inmod Sofas
Design Your Own Modern Sofa.
Made in the USA.
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